Sensa Reviews

Sensa Reviews

Sensa Weight Loss System bases on Sensa Tastants which are sprinkled over everything your eat. The goal of these Tastants is to trigger the taste and smell receptors to send the brain a signal of fulness. That way the user can reduce the daily caloric intake which is essential for successful weight loss.

Sensa Weight Loss System has been developed by Dr. Alan Hirsh who claims that his weight loss aid is a result of over two decades of research of the effects of smell and taste on dietary habits and the efficiency of the Sensa Weight Loss System is clinically proven. The study he conducted has shown that 1,436 people who sprinkled their food with the Sensa Tastants lost in average 30.5 pounds in 6 months. A placebo-controlled study that was conducted by an independent laboratory has shown similar effect.

Sensa Weight Loss System Side Effects

Sensa Tastants available in different flavors consist of corn-derived maltodextrin, silica, tricalcium phosphate, carmine, soy, milk, and natural and artificial flavors. They are not appropriate for people with allergy to any of the mentioned ingredients as well as individuals with lactose intolerance. Sensa Tastants do not leave a bad taste in your mouth as may be expected but can cause different side effects including upset stomach, diarrhea, hives and vomiting, while people who are allergic to any of the ingredients may experience a serious reaction such as swelling, dizziness and difficulty breathing which require immediate medical assistance.

Drawbacks of Sensa

Sensa Weight Loss System may be an innovative weight loss aid and the side effects most people experience are relatively mild but there are several things about Sensa that make one doubt whether it is truly the best solution. First of all, the official website does not mention any side effects, while there are also several controversies concerning Dr. Alan Hirsh’s “clinically proven” study. The Endocrine Society which has supposedly peer reviewed Dr. Hirsh’s study has stated that this is not entirely true.

There have been also complaints about the free 30-day trial which actually is not free. In addition to charging shipping and handling fee, they send Sensa 2-Month Starter Kit which needs to be returned on customer’s expenses if not being satisfied within 30 days. But if you decide to keep it they will charge you for both months. Plus they will automatically sign you up for 60-day supply and billed to your credit card which means you will continue receiving it if you do not cancel your subscription at Sensa.

Some users also claim to achieve little or no noticeable results which means that Sensa Weight Loss System may not work for everyone.


Sensa Weight Loss System has attracted a lot of attention but the controversy around the “clinically proven” study which is presented as evidence for its efficiency and numerous unsatisfied customers show Sensa Weight Loss System in a completely different light.

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9 Sensa Weight Loss Reviews Reviews

  1. Blanca's Review

    My review is on Sensa. I ordered the product, called after 3 weeks to inform I was not experiencing what the product was suppost to be doing. I was told to sprinkle a litte more on the food, which I did, called again a few weeks after, (twice trying to return product). Each time convinced to keep the product and continue to try it. the last phone call, I was told they would send Sensa for males, again told to sprinkle on food. Once you order it they refuse to give you the return number needed to send back. Long story short, this product stinks, all it did was increase the area around my stomache, which I have not been able to get rid of, it has been 2 months approximately that I was finally given a number to return product.
    I would not recommend this product to anyone. Oh by the way I do zumba 4 times a week I am now stuck with a large stomache that sticks out and larger love handles. All after using Sensa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. kate's Review

    I tried Sensa today, 1/1/12 to start the year off right and sprinkled on breakfast, I tasted the different taste right away, and I felt strange right away. About 10 minutes later, I felt very strange as if a panic attack was coming on. I do have panic attacks, and this is a drug that should not be taken by folks prone to panic attacks IMO. I will be sending it back.

  3. Debbie's Review

    I tried sensa 2 different times about 8 months apart. For some reason it makes me shaky, makes my heart pund, and raises my blood pressure. Anyone else?

  4. Melody's Review

    I don’t use the product but my sis-in-law does. It’s been about 3 months since I haven’t seen her and boy when I did see her I thought she had an illness because she looked thinner than the last time I saw her. She told me she was using Sensa on all her meals ans since then, she had dropped down from a size 11 to a size 8! She claimed that on top of the product, she walks everyday. So I believe that this product worked for her. Everyone is different so it depends on your body.

  5. ANGIE's Review


  6. Richie's Review

    exercise and stop stuffing your face like a pig. This works fool!

    • KristyJ's Review

      Richie.. That was a very rude and uncalled for comment.. Not all people are overweight due to stuffing their faces.. I gained weight due to a thyroid condition, not because of overeating.. I eat less than most of my size 2 friends.. After getting medication and treatments for my thyroid it has been difficult to loose the weight because I also have a heart condition that limits me from doing cardio exercises… My only type of exercise that I can do without putting stress on my heart is walking, and not a brisk pace required to lose weight… Before you make such rude comments I would hope that you would be considerate of other people. Being over weight is difficult enough without JERKS like you. Obviously people are on this website in hopes of losing weight.. Maybe you should leave your comments to yourself. But then again maybe you have issues about yourself that’s why you feel that you should make such comments.. Also by your comment and the way that it is written you do not seem to be very educated, so maybe this is the way you make yourself feel better.

  7. SandyNeider's Review

    I’ve been taking sensa for about 2 months and lost 10 lbs

  8. Peggy's Review

    been using for 3 months have not lost any weight

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