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TestoRipped is a diet pill especially formulated for men, which aims to reduce body fat and stimulate production of testosterone. According to the manufacturers of TestoRipped, regular use of this pill will help men lose excess fat, gain energy and improve their lean muscle mass. Though TestoRipped.com doesn’t list any clinical studies that I could find, there are plenty done on the effectiveness of TestoRipped’s ingredients.

TestoRipped Ingredients

TestoRipped diet pill contains several components to produce the desired outcome of weight loss and improved muscle mass. TestoRipped ingredients includes:

Tribulus Territis is a plant extract and is used to increase the amount of testosterone in the body and enhance male sexual performance.

Caffeine is used to increase energy and boost stamina.

Eurycoma Longifolia is popular among bodybuilders as a testosterone enhancer.

Yohimbine is used to treat male impotence.

Synepherine is used for enhancing the body’s ability to burn fat.

TestoRipped Side Effects

Unfortunately,  I have found no known side effects associated with TestoRipped diet pills. If you have any sensitivity to caffeine then you should be aware that Testoripped does contain a small amount of it.

SCaffeine anhydrous which is another active ingredient of TestoRipped can also result to sleep problems, and nausea if you EXCEED the recommended dosage.

More TestoRipped Information

TestoRipped is banned in New Zealand and Australia because Yohimbine is not allowed into these countries. I really don’t know why. Yohimbine is extremely safe.

When we checked the TestoRipped official website for contact information, and we found a phone number (that works!), an email address AND Live Chat! That means you can immediately talk to someone to ask a question about the product or inquire about your order. TestoRipped is also available at GNC.com and in local stores. It is one of their best selling men’s diet pills.

One more point is that there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee given to customers. If you don’t like the effects of the pills or if you can’t achieve your weight loss goals, you can ask for a refund or can you talk to someone about it. There is also tons of scientific study indicating TestoRipped is safe.

There is scientific proof that TestoRipped will work, there is a 100% money back guarantee, and great customer support.

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  1. antonio aguilar's Review

    TestopRippes is a good pill for man I been used it from almost over a month and I have see great resullts on my body wich is my belly and sides I love this pill I also had lose wait but I would like to know is I do more work out or how this pill will show me more results on lose weight?

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