Xenadrine Reviews

XenadrineXenadrine is a weight supplement manufactured by Cytodyne, which is being sold online even without prescription. However, there is not enough information available online about this product, except that it is marketed as an appetite suppressant and is being promoted as ephedra-free. It is also available in some health stores as a dietary supplement.

The official website of Xenadrine has been on a “coming soon” mode, so it is difficult to find any client testimonials or other information about the efficacy of this product.

Taken two capsules at a time before breakfast, Xenadrine is supposed to complement a regular fitness program and low calorie diet, in order for it to be an effective weigh loss supplement. The main ingredients of Xenadrine include extracts from natural products such as green tea, yerba mate, grape seed, guarana and Seropro, its proprietary cocoa extract. It also contains other compounds such as magnesium stearate, calcium tribasic, and pantothenic acid. It is found to be high in caffeine content which is the real factor that makes this diet pill a powerful stimulant.

Xenadrine Side Effects

Excessive consumption of caffeine, which is a strong stimulant, can produce adverse side effects, especially to people who have histories of hypertension, heart disease and stomach acidity. Because of the high amount of caffeine present in Xenadrine, it can also affect the body system in the same way that common stimulants do. Periods of sleeplessness often occur leading to general fatigue, difficulty to focus, rapid heartbeats and hypertension. This is not a recommended product for people who have insomnia and other sleep disorders, those who are suffering from allergies to caffeine and people who have been diagnosed for hypertension, hyperthyroidism, and heart disease.

Xenadrine Drawbacks

The fact that the official website of Xenadrine is not active reflects the manufacturers’ lack of commitment to keep their users informed of the product ingredients and other details. There are also no clinical data on the efficacy of this product to back their claims of fast weight loss.

The key ingredients in Xenadrine have high caffeine content, which can adversely affect the health of its regular users. There is also no full money back guarantee that will assure its users of the efficacy and safety of the product.


With so many diet pills to choose from, consumers should practice safety in making their choice. Since there is not a lot of online information about Xenadrine, consumers can not make an informed decision on this product. You can not use this product, either for permanent weight loss, because of the dangers that caffeine-based products can pose on your health.

Phen375 Reviews Today, Phen375 is the strongest fat burner that is a better choice than Xenadrine. Phen375 has clinical data to back its claim of about 3-5 pounds lost per week. There are no side effects associated with Phen375, unlike the number of risks that you may have to prepare for, if you choose to use Xenadrine.

Find more Phen375 Reviews to understand why this is now the leading choice of many who are looking for fast and safe weight loss solutions.

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